Need more focus and concentration in your life?

Do you experience “brain fog”?

Focus Blend is packed full of energizing and mentally stimulating essential oils to keep your brain focused and alert for all of those important tasks.

Ease your mind and sharpen your senses!

Focus Blend was designed to stimulate your brain without overstimulating your nervous system. Your body and mind will feel refreshed and invigorated after use, instead of even more drained (as is often the case with stimulants likes caffeine and sugar).

No energy crashes with this blend, making it more effective in the long run.

Great for studying, long days at the office, long road trips, you name it!

Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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Basil helps promote mental alertness, focus and strengthens memory. It helps reduce mental fatigue, mental blocks, and helps ease stress and tension.

Basil helps release tension from the head and neck, and can help lessen feelings of panic and anxiety. It invokes concentration while gently calming and re-centering the mind.

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Lemon has an uplifting, refreshing aroma that awakens the mind, and increases awareness & concentration.

Lemon is an exceptional oil for helping the body sustain natural energy and focus. It can help reduce mental fatigue, feelings of anxiety, nervousness and stress.

Lemon helps clear the mind, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.


Rosemary has an incredible invigorating aroma that works to boost your mental clarity, and banish brain fog.

Rosemary is especially helpful for increasing focus and concentration and can help stimulate the brain's memory centre. It is a powerful memory aid making it extremely useful for studying, presentations and remembering important information.

Some studies have even shown Rosemary essential oil can increase memory by up to 60-75%.

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Recommended for external use only. Consult a qualified practitioner if pregnant, nursing or for a serious medical condition before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.